Handiss – Made for Architects Seeking Freelance, Contract, and Full-Time Opportunities Launches in Toronto

As Toronto grows, so too does the need for architects. The final year of the 2010s saw one of the busiest-ever construction booms get underway on more than $1 billion in projects for roads, bridges, expressways, sewers and watermains. This also fuels more projects in the private sector. More projects means more architects getting hired, yet the industry continues to acquire talent via traditional channels.
There is a better way of hiring coming to Toronto in the new decade. Handiss is a platform specific to architects and engineers in the industry seeking freelance, contract, and full-time opportunities. The industry-specific marketplace looks to connect the right professionals with the right companies, something which our city certainly needs as projects only grow in value and complexity.
So, how is hiring happening right now? Well, Toronto operates much like the rest of the world when it comes to talent acquisition. Companies spend hundreds of dollars a month for job ads on platforms that deliver unfiltered candidates, which inevitably wastes valuable time sifting through resumes and profiles to find the ideal hires. However, because these platforms are so inefficient at finding the right hires, companies often turn to recruiters to secure good candidates, but that comes at a very high expense.
This simply does not make sense in this digital age, but apparently, tech hasn’t caught up enough to the recruitment industry in the technical markets. The architecture and engineering industry is simply too complex for mainstream platforms. Moreover, architecture firms need to be flexible in their hiring practices; firms need full-time employees for essential roles at their company, but many need only contract hires for shorter-term jobs, and freelancers for specific technical tasks (many of which can be done remotely).
Handiss is the unified hiring resource for companies in the industry. It is aiming to solve the problems in hiring practices by flipping the hiring process on its head, and getting companies to use its specific database algorithms to track down the right candidates much more efficiently. It also allows companies to filter for architects seeking freelance, contract, or full-time work, giving them a lot more flexibility in their hiring practices.
For an architect, it’s a matter of just creating a free profile with details about career history and a clear section for showcasing a portfolio. Once a profile is approved, the profile becomes searchable to companies.
The new decade requires a new perspective – and this is what an industry-specific platform for freelance, contract, and full-time work will bring to architecture hiring in Toronto.

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