About Us


Toronto Architecture Club is a social group founded by Yahya Jundi. This club aims to connect students, intern architects, architects and internationally trained architects in seminars, workshops and networking events in order to grow their knowledge, connect them with the right people and help them get the opportunities they strive for.

Toronto Architecture Club’s audience is growing very fast and it has partnered up with many schools and organizations like George Brown College, Ryerson University, CanBIM & TSA …


Yahya Jundi is an Intern Architect in the OAA who has a lot of passion for architecture. In 2015, he was one of the organizer of the Lebanese Architectural Club in Beirut, Lebanon.

After that, Yahya moved to Toronto and founded the Toronto Architecture Club in 2016 in order to engage in the architectural community and in order to help new comers and fresh graduates in their career path. He is always continuing to promote the architectural profession in Toronto.

The goal of this website is for architects to promote their works and their events, publish their articles, share their knowledge.